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The Jin 2 is our most popular chair, the most common thing people say after trying this chair is I thought you were going to tell me it costs $6,000.00.  Everyone that tries the Jin 2 is shocked that a chair with such a stunning design that uses such high-end materials and upholstery costs so little.  It has all the features of chairs that cost much more such as Zero Gravity, Heat, Bluetooth speakers, Zero Wall, Long rail SL track, and foot rollers + the quality of massage of so good its a little shocking to people its not more expensive.

S, L, and SL track are all frame technologies.  The frame dictates where the massage robot can travel to perform massage inside the chair and the frame also dictates how the incline and recline system works on the chair.

S Track chairs the chair has 2 points that pivot, the bottom of backrest, and the top of leg-rest.  This frame allows someone to recline their chair back totally flat (or close to), its nice if you want to stretch out some.   This frame style can provide a good stretch massage and is capable of supporting a unique 2 ball massage system.  The downside is the frame style doesn’t allow the massage robot to travel underneath the seat so you don’t get robotic glute and upper rear thigh massage.

L and SL track chair have 1 pivot point, the top of leg-rest.  You can recline the backrest back but the whole chair reclines back with it as opposed to pivoting at the bottom of the backrest like S track.  When you recline back in SL or L track you remain in a seated position as opposed to a laying down position in S track.  L and SL style frames are special in the way it allows the massage robot to travel underneath the seat massaging the glutes and top of the rear thigh.  This style of massage chair typically provides the best lower back massage and offer the largest coverage area.  This style chair supports a 4 ball massage system.

2 ball system use two massage heads to perform their massage.  They are capable of greater precision and penetration than 4 ball system, however they are limited to chairs that only offer S track.

4 balls system use 4 massage heads to perform their massage.  They are capable of a larger coverage area with each stroke, excel at lower back massage, and are capable of doing under the seat massage.  This is the most popular massage system at this time due to the quality of low back massage and large coverage area, this is the system we use in our Inner Balance Wellness products.

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